Blow Molding - All You Need To Know

Favored for the fabrication of specific plastic parts across the automotive industry, blow molding creates parts that are reliable, cost-effective, and won't rust or corrode.

Whether it be for door locking system parts, like knobs or switches, shifter handles, door and ceiling panels, or simply a drain tube, blow molding is the most cost-effective manufacturing process for the production of hollow parts in high volumes.

In a similar way to other injection molding processes, the first step in the blow molding process is feeding the plastic pellets into the hopper, en-masse. Compressed air then feeds the plastic through to be pressurized and heated to become workable resin.  The plastic is then continually heated, and via the use of a screw extruder, which is typically a reciprocating screw, it can be formed to a rough shape initially, then inflated, or blown, to ensure durability and a perfect shape formation as the air expands it.  Once formed, the part is cooled, and if necessary trimmed and tested for leaks depending on the product requirements.

While blow molding and injection molding both involve filling molds with melted plastic, the output can vary significantly.  Blow molding is typically used for cylindrical objects that need to be produced in large volumes - think pipework, bottles or air ducts -  and most often utilizes Polypropylene, Polyethylene or Thermoplastics to create the desired finished article.

With decades of experience in this field, and with parts being produced on-site in the range of 1G up to 3.5KG, automotive plastic company NS-K are the oracle to turn to if you find yourself needing such a part.  

Blow molding, and indeed injection molding in general is an excellent method for producing high-precision, highly repeatable plastic parts at a minimal cost per unit, so why not get in touch today and speak to the experts on how to best approach your next product line via the contact button above.

Posted On:
June 1, 2023

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