Choosing the Right Supplier

Are you looking for a new plastic component supplier? Here are a few things to watch out for and question your possible candidates.

If you’re in the auto industry, and especially if you are a buyer, then you probably know all the tricks in the book, but there are a few things that every car manufacturer should be aware of and keep fresh in mind whenever sourcing a new part provider.

Creativity, innovation, and quality are just some of the most basic traits you expect to see from your injectionmolding suppliers. But what else really sets them apart?

1. Expertise

Working with a company that just says ‘yes’ to everything is a recipe for disaster. The value that comes from an experienced team, who can contribute to your process and success with ideas and recommendations of their own is invaluable. Choosing a company that is led by sixsigma black belts, and attracts the best talent adds a further dimension to that and acts as an extension of your team.

2. Agility

No one likes to wait. Having a supplier who can adapt to your requirements, invest and grow with your business in parallel to your needs, and deliver on time, every time, is priceless to keep your operations on schedule. Creativity and innovation require openness and questioning. The belief that anything is possible paves the way for creative thinking and it is this adaptability that makes a supplier become a dependable partner.


3. Integrity

Actions speak much louder than words. When things get tough, or something is on the cusp of going wrong, the one thing you need is trust and decision-making. Being reputable, honest, and dependable starts at the very top of any organization. Having the option to pick up the phone and speak to a team member who is actually working on your product, or even the company owner, offers confidence that is hard to rival and truly displays that your business is valuable to them personally.

Taking the extra time to see past just a glossy reply to your RFP or RFI can pay dividends - seeing the attribute above in real life, as you can with suppliers such as NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK - CZ can change your whole perception of how suppliers work.

An open book in terms of visibility, transparency, and professionalism, and with decades of experience, the best industry brains, and the latest technology to support their operations, their approach to business is quite different. Find out for yourself and arrange a site visit at

Posted On:
January 26, 2023

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