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Simple steps to turn ideas into reality

The auto industry is like no other when it comes to getting a cacophony of parts synchronized in melodic harmony in order to deliver perfection, safety, and reliability en masse and on time.

In order to support this phenomenal global supply and demand chain, automotive manufacturers need to be able to depend on their suppliers. Both to uphold their commitments and promises, and also to react quickly to support changing requirements.

Being highly innovative, and most definitely competitive, the industry relies on having the ability to very quickly transform new ideas into reality, and this, in turn, calls for rapid prototyping to test those creations in a real-world environment.

Very often parts go through multiple iterations in order to be considered fit for purpose, and to do this specialist plastic injectionmolding companies such as NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK - CZ offer their clients the option of creating anything from the tiniest of parts weighing in at just a single gram, right through to 3.5 kg behemoths of plastic ingenuity.

By utilizing their in-house design teams and following the DfM approach, the NS-K team are able to work hand-in-hand with vehicle creators to very quickly ascertain what will, and what will not work, and then take that information to create aluminum or steel preseries molds in order to prototype the finished product.

In an industry led by meeting customer demand and demonstrating to the world that the possibilities in modern cars are endless, having this ability is irreplaceable. Once the design, polymer, color, and texture are finalized and tested, rolling out at scale then becomes a matter of routine and millions of parts can be produced safely in the knowledge that the prototyping ironed out any issues and that due diligence with a world-class partner was carried out.

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Posted On:
August 25, 2022

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