Daily Standups

What did I work on yesterday? What am I working on today? What issues are blocking me?

Three insightful yet straightforward questions, and ones that form the perfect core to a daily standup meeting.

We often hear about daily standups or daily scrums in the world of high tech, or in software circles, however, these short, direct meetings can be implemented in almost any industry.  When operating in a highly coordinated and busy environment such as manufacturing, then optimizing time against input and output becomes ever more important.

The idea of such meetings is that the daily scrum is used to inspect progress toward a specific sprint goal. These sprints are sets of actions that need to be completed in a set timeframe, and having a daily meeting of just a handful of minutes optimizes the probability that the team will meet that target.

Such meetings aim to flag blockers or potential issues early so they can be solved, while at the same time keeping the team aligned to the goal, and supporting individual efforts.

Furthermore, when utilized in a high octane environment such as that at auto plastics company NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK - CZ, the daily stand-up reinforces the firms' ethos in terms of delivering on time, every time, and in parallel opens the door to increased staff motivation via the sharing of individual successes and via recognition of the team’s overall contribution to the organization.

Demonstrating their commitment to outstanding customer service and deliverance, the daily stand-up is just one example of how NSK embraces lean methodologies to truly go the extra mile in their operations.

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Posted On:
May 19, 2022

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