Introducing the Pugh Matrix

If you’re looking for a numerical decision-making tool that can be used within your six sigma project, look no further.

Developed by the British product designer and mechanical engineer, Stuart Pugh, the aptly labeled ‘Pugh Matrix’ can be used to validate multiple concepts, and help formulate an agreement for the final design selection to proceed forward.

What makes it even more interesting is that beyond this comparison of design candidates and the identification of which one best meets a set of criteria, it also permits a degree of qualitative optimization through the generation of hybrid candidates. Something extremely useful when you are continually striving for the best.

Used whenever there is the need to decide amongst a number of alternatives, and although originally created to help in selecting between a number of designs, the simplicity of the matrix means that it lends itself to more general uses too.

By first choosing the designs to be compared, then listing the testing criteria (CTQ) (listed vertically in the matrix), a weight for each criterion is set to benchmark against. Finally, a score is given to each criteria in the format of +1, 0, or -1. Once the table is completed, the scores can be calculated within each column and the one with the highest score should be the most suitable design.

The reliance on just one matrix to make decisions however is never recommended. Not only does the Pugh Matrix require common sense and the input of what criteria should be tested, as per any other data or decision-making table, when viewed alone it doesn’t automatically give a reliable output. It is with this in mind that plastic experts NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK - CZ blend a series of lean methodologies and statistics with decades of proven expertise to work in sync with clients to not only understand the design goals, but also the material capabilities in order to deliver excellence.

If you’re looking for injection molding prowess to help bring a part or product from concept to reality, speak to the team using the contact us button above for no-nonsense, no-obligation advice.

Posted On:
May 18, 2023

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