Plastics as an art form

Plastics are an art form. True or False?

We all have differing opinions on what makes something ‘art’, but when it comes down to it, many everyday objects that we take for granted could be perceived as a thing of beauty if only we stopped to watch them be made.

Such is the case of automotive parts.

True, we don’t often stop in awe and wonder when we get into a car and click a switch or press a button, we take for granted that the part you press will be rigid enough to last a car's lifetime, and stylish enough to not make you balk each time you get in to drive.

But stop for a minute, and look a little closer at the way such parts are made and you’ll see that the production of such intricate pieces is something to behold.

Orchestrated to heat,  pressurize, inject and mold in a harmony only rivaled by a country's best philharmonic, the speed, and precision with which literally millions of components are made for the auto industry annually is staggering.

A producer of such parts, and one which is renowned for its unbelievable consistency, is NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK - CZ

Leading the industry in its wholehearted approach to lean manufacturing, the output is both seamless and faultless. By blending Deeming's ‘hymn sheet’ with the wider Toyota/Kaizen philosophy, NSK not only creates art in its purest form but also creates reliability in its products that others strive for.

So, are plastics an art form? Whether the part itself is ‘art’ may be controversial, but as for the manufacturing of them, we like to believe that yes, it is!

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Posted On:
April 21, 2022

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