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Dear automotive manufacturer,

Do you trust your suppliers enough to invite them to become an extension of your advisory team?

We talk about quality, quality, quality, but what does that actually mean in the plastic industry? And does good communication affect the end product?

Whether the manufacturing process is overmolding, insertmolding or injectionmolding,  there always has to be a foolproof set of quality controls in place to make sure inferior products are never shipped. It’s the bare minimum you would expect from any supplier, however in order to ratchet that up to an exceptional level, NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK - CZ believes that communication is the key.

To determine whether a part is outstanding, we first must understand what is deemed to be the measure of that superior quality; this is only possible if you can first understand the exact specifications of the part you are working to deliver. This includes its desired use and any nuances that make it particularly unique. Contrary to common perception that a good project plan should be exhaustive, the team at NS-K believe that production is somewhat organic once it becomes physical.

Once this ambition is understood, the judging criteria can be set against the intent. Aspects of the molding such as stability, color, and gloss can be easily compared to prototypes, and of course, any molding defects can be identified and rectified quickly to ensure that the end product is outstanding.

Removing ambiguity from the process direct lines of communication are created, and in some cases specialist team members from across the ADIS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP become ad-hoc members of customer advisory groups to give feedback and explain what is and isn’t feasible in terms of longevity, strength and mass production.

When you have alignment, setting correct expectations becomes seamless, and trust develops rapidly.  Not all manufacturers are the same, the easy route would be to accept a design, run with it and deliver the order. NS-K don’t take the easy route, they take the right route.  That is, working hand-in-hand to get the exacting product created, at the right time, at the right quality, and in the right quantity.

Sound refreshing? Get in touch with the team and have a chat about the areas of expertise that you could utilize in your auto company.

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Posted On:
March 23, 2023

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