Streamlining Distribution

On-time production is great, but how do you ensure the smooth running of your distribution?

In order to eliminate wasteful activities from the supply chain, and more specifically the shipping and logistics end of the overall process, it’s necessary again to turn to some lean sixsigma methodologies.

Offering excellence across design, prototyping, testing, and mass production only becomes fully worthwhile if you ship those finished products on time and in the most efficient way. By increasing product flow and speed to a level that is consistent and reliable, and by removing unnecessary steps and complications within the packaging steps, it’s possible to have very accurate predictions of when items will be ready for courier collection well in advance of them being completed.

By doing so, and then working closely with only the best shipping partners, the cycle completes with end-to-end perfection.

Six sigma manufacturing is most often considered to be an accuracy of 99.9997%, and to match the logistics with that seemingly unachievable percentage is the holy grail that few can achieve.  Not so with market leaders, NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK - CZ who produce huge quantities of plastic components for the auto industry and then distribute them within a timescale that’s truly world-class.

Predominantly shipping across Europe and the Americas, clients of NS-K can be assured that although the roots of six sigma are in the manufacturing sector of business, the flow from point of origin to point of consumption, aka business logistics are also optimized to the extent that customers can expect products to arrive swiftly and per schedule for every single order.

Led by a team of black belts, NS-K works tirelessly to not only deliver customer satisfaction in the quality of product but also to eliminate potential delays by examining and analyzing every individual step in the process to the extent that they can be fully confident in the reliability of getting those products where they need to be when they need to be there.

The common perception that lean thinking only applies to removing or changing steps during the production run and simply not true. Identifying potential pitfalls in the final stage of an order - getting them to where they need to be - can also benefit from this most prestigious of approaches.

Contact us to learn more about the huge range of injectionmolding services on offer, and our lean approach.

Posted On:
October 6, 2022

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