World Class Manufacturing

The Path to World Class Manufacturing

When good becomes great, and great becomes excellent, what's the next step to take? Simple. To become world-class.

More than just a buzzword for success, transforming a business to hit the big time and truly grow into a prestigious world-class brand takes considerable effort, time, and know-how.

In order to reach such a pinnacle in the world of manufacturing, tools from the three most well-known optimization methods and techniques are smoothly combined in order to increase the quality and speed of production, while simultaneously decreasing total costs and reducing waste.

The combination of leanmanagement, sixsigma, and Total Productive Maintenance encompasses every facet of the production process and therefore in turn streamlines flows, ensures contribution from every member of staff, and guarantees quality via the use of strict control methods and continual improvement.

Utilizing these powerful yet practical approaches can help move operations forward while still allowing for spontaneous adaptation when needed. Something particularly important in the world of plastic injectionmolding where short-run items or test products need to be turned around at a moment's notice.

Excelling in their field, NS KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK - CZ are a perfect example of a company that has transformed from a locally excellence brand, into a truly global plasticindustry contributor.

Speak to the team at to discover more about how they grew to become world-class and how they can help get your plastic requirements fulfilled quickly, effectively, and reliably.

Posted On:
April 7, 2022

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